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Founders and Friends:

Evolution Content is committed to helping close the gender gap by elevating the voices of female founders and mission-driven businesses through premium, affordable video services to fuel consistent connection and drive longer-term loyalty within your community.

How? Each plan below is designed specifically to provide video creation support where you need it; not where you don't. For Founders and Solopreneurs, we've eliminated expensive video production costs and focused on content that is 1) thoughtfully-designed 2) authentically created (by you) and is 3) polished in all the right places.

Here's how we'll collaborate:

  1. We: Provide best practices & story strategies to create & self-record your message.

  2. You: Upload your self-recorded videos to our portal.

  3. We: Edit, Package, & Deliver Your Finished Video.

  4. Together: We create 1 new video every 3 months (Gold & Platinum Members).

Choose your pricing plan

  • Silver Package

    Perfect for Social Media
    • Create your Founders Story!
    • +One (1), self-shot video packaged with your logo & music
    • +Founders Story Template
    • +Produce Me: Best Practices Template
    • *We deliver your video in 2 weeks
  • Gold Membership

    Every month
    Perfect for Social Media & Website
    • Evolve Your Story:
    • Everything in the Silver Package, Plus:
    • +1 round of notes during video edit
    • + 1 NEW self-shot video with your logo and music monthly
    • *We deliver your video in 3 weeks
    • +Mini-Story Session Optional for $199
  • Platinum Membership

    Every month
    Collaborate with TV Professionals to create high-quality video content that can sit on any platform.
    • Create Your Founders Story or Video of Your Choice:
    • +Everything in the Gold Membership, Plus:
    • +1:1 Mini Story Strategy Session (30min) A Client Favorite!
    • *Customized Script for your video
    • *We deliver your finished video in 3 weeks.
    • *Option to add up to 3 additional videos per month for $199
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