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🎉Hey Founders and Friends, it’s Friday!

🎉Hey Founders and Friends, it’s Friday!

🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t know about you but I follow the rules & take weekends off.

🍩 Anyway, I’ll leave you with this nugget based on a convo I had recently.

📊If you feel like your business’ engagement is plateauing - it may be time to…

🧅Peel. back. the onion.

🫠Ugh I know.

🎥And I am one to talk! I spend most of my time with my head down producing founders stories - or with my kids. I don’t share nearly as much as I “should” to grow.

🏃‍♀️But hey. If your business relies on expanding your audience (and we all do to varying extents) then it’s time to stop hiding from your clients.

🧐What do I mean?

💎Lead with the Mission Values and Purpose behind your business (you don’t have to overshare about your personal life)

💎Offer a new angle or perspective than you usually do.. here are some ideas:

🌟If you’re shy doing 1:1 on camera, interview a client that speaks to your MVP & double your reach!

🌟Go through your comments or cite a relevant convo you’ve had and address their question in a post. Ask a question back! Show that you are listening & talking WITH your community, while adding immediate value.

🌟 People followed you because you are X for them. A happy page. An inspirational page. Informative. Funny. Relatable. Whatever it is, bring them home to that. It’s probably tied to your #MVP.

💎Doubling down in this one: Make sure you’re having a 2-way conversation. People connect with other people - not sales tactics, pretty images, or “look at me and what I’m doing.”

❤️The takeaway: As you #evolveyourstory don’t forget to bring your followers along.

🥳Who is ready to peel it back & let your clients find YOU?👇🏼👇🏾

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