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Story is a powerful agent for change in the world.

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Story is a powerful agent for change in the world.

And right now, lots of people are talking about the movie #Barbie & this monologue delivered by the incredible @americaferrera …For good reason!

Expectations for women are full of contradictions… and if you’re reading this we’re pretty sure you already know that. 😉

But you know what else? In those contradictions and conflicting expectations, there’s power.

Because we are multifaceted, we have the unique opportunity to lean in and out of different and equally beautiful and important spaces that live within us: professional, student, teacher, artist, partner, breadwinner, party girl, leader, caretaker, mother, engineer, friend, sister, healer, ally, the list goes on.

Friends, at the end of the day, only You can define your story. Not for your “audience,” but for yourself. Not just to put the past on the record, but to chart your path forward. Story is a powerful agent for change. What’s yours?

Images by @oprahdaily 👑

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