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The 40% Rule

The 40% Rule

Happy Friday! Here’s our tech and media update as we slide into the weekend

What’s the rule, you ask?

The 40% rule says that 40% of customers would be disappointed if they didn’t have access to your services.

If that’s true, you have created a product that fits the market.

That is certainly true for SAG-AFTRA — the faces and voices that entertain and inform the world.. actors! And they’re still on strike.

This morning (Friday), our fellow producers guild members are joining in the walkout. Or are they really?

Talent inflows and outflows in tech, information and media are down 31%.

Our take?

Now those creatives are pivoting into entertainment-adjacent jobs (if there are any).

Either way, there is considerable value in assessing product-market fit of one’s personal brand.

And that brand, is your story.

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