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Celebrity Ghost Stories 

On the first season of this ground-breaking series, celebrities reveal their paranormal experiences.

National Geographic - Inside Carnaval

On this episode of the "Inside" series, we witness the blood, sweat, tears and painstaking preparations - and the payoff - on Brazil's biggest day of the year.

National Geographic - Lockdown: First Timers

This first-timer has a shot at redemption - but if he wants to get out, he must survive behind bars with hardened criminals who set a bad example.

National Geographic - Smokey Mountain Money

Ginseng is the new gold. This competition series follows five teams of lifelong 'Sengers who dig to near-death in the Smoky Mountains. Loyalties are questioned when one root fetches $10,000 on the Asian market.

AMC - Comic Book Men

This reality series is set in Kevin Smith's comic book shop - Jay and Bob's Secret Stash in Redbank, New Jersey. Episodes feature sales of rare memorabilia and visits from pop culture icons.

Investigation Discovery - Young, Hot and Crooked

From stealing Guy Fieri's lamborgini to throwing ragers in their neighbor's house, this series reveals the underside of the overprivileged. 

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