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Hello Evolution Content Friends and Family!

Date Published: September 16, 2022

Hello Evolution Content Friends and Family! #Mission, #Values, and #Purpose. Brands need to relay theirs to consumers to earn their #attention, #trust, and #loyalty. Share them in a #narrative that your audience can follow, remember, and easily repeat. Here's a perfect example: This week, Patagonia Founder Yvon #Chouinard transferred 100% of its voting stock at $3B, to the Patagonia Purpose Trust "dedicated to fighting the environmental crisis and defending nature." Mic drop. Unless we're taking a digital cleanse, we all saw this story in our feeds; many of us re-shared it. Why? Because it aligns with our values - aspirational or otherwise. Who are your favorite mission-driven companies and why? 1) Comment below 2) Keep the good vibes going by sharing this post with others Let's highlight another #inspirational #brand narrative next week. Happy Weekend All! Evolution Content #evolveyourstory

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